Tour Chianti

If you are enchanted by the ethereal photographs you have seen on our web site and all over the world, we urge you to consider spending a day by bike in Chianti countryside, cycling at your own pace through vineyards and olive grovesMeet in Castellina in Chianti. This is the best route for the serious wine lovers. It wends through the vineyards, past abandoned and renovated farmhouses on the way to one of Tuscany’s most renowned castles, Brolio.  This is the heart of the Ricasoli empire, family headquarters since 1067 and center of countless battles between Florence and Siena during the Middle Ages. Many people consider that the wine we now know as Chianti was born inside its hallowed cellars, which we can visit.In Brolio we can have a break in the Agribar Eroica caffè. From here we continue on to the village of Monti.

Distance 35 miles